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Alexa Ford, MA
Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

  • Certified school counselor

  • Academic and behavioral concerns in adolescents

  • Depression, anxiety, and changing family dynamics

  • LGBTQ affirmation and support

  • Sandbox therapy

  • Specializes in children (6+yrs), pre-teens, and teens

Working with me

I have spent nine years working in school settings with children and adolescents from very diverse backgrounds. I intentionally provide a safe space for them to discuss their challenges and help highly sensitive individuals adjust and cope to a sometimes chaotic-feeling school environment. 

Ever since we emerged from the COVID quarantine, I've seen a tremendous shift in family dynamics.  As I help my clients adjust to these changes, I pay special attention to what is going on around and within the client. This is important for our adolescents - especially those in the LGBTQ+ community - as they desperately need a safe place to openly question and discuss their identity

We all need a safe place to face our fears and take that next step into positive change and personal growth. When you're ready to do so, I would be delighted to embark on that journey with you. 


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